We have a few Indiana farms who grow rabbits for us.  Having multiple growers is imperative to maintain quality as well as manage supply variations throughout the year.  This also allows our breeding rabbits the time they need between litters to  ensure a healthy herd.

Grower Co-op

Our Indiana Growers

Fine Game Meats

Farm Raised

Chicken eggs, quail and quail eggs are not done by co-op as the demand is smaller and therefore can be handled by our farm alone.

Meat the Rabbit

We have a small farm located in Pendleton, IN where we grow rabbits for our business.  We started growing rabbits for meat in 2014 and quickly outgrew our barn.  We built a second rabbit barn in 2015 and continue to work hard on growing high quality rabbits.  Although we co-op, we are the primary supplier of rabbit for the business.  All quail products are grown on our farm.

Heritage Hill Farms

Heritage Hill is located in Fairland, IN.  They have been raising rabbits for many years and have been a part of Meat the Rabbit since the very beginning!