Rabbit Fryers

These are 2.5-3.5 lb bone-in whole fryers.   They are individually vacuum sealed and sold frozen in cases of five fryers.

*Fresh, never frozen, whole rabbit can be ordered as a special order within limits.  Contact us with any questions about this option!

Rabbit Trim Meat

This is rabbit meat deboned and sold frozen.  Perfect for making rabbit sausage or anything else you'd like!

Whole Quail

Our quail are bone-in and weigh on average 6.5 oz per bird .  Quail are packaged in vacuum sealed packages of 3 birds and sold frozen in cases of 15 birds (5 packages).

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are collected daily by hand and sold in cartons of 18 eggs.  

Chicken Eggs

Our eggs are a mix of green, brown and white eggs from our free range, grass pasture raised chickens!  They're happy girls!

Whole Pheasant

**Seasonal** We offer frozen whole pheasant.  Please contact us for availability.

Since we're a small family farm, we have some flexibility and will do our very best to get you what you need so if you'd like some variation of what you see here be sure to let us know!  

Several of our products are available for distribution through Piazza Produce or Local Foods in Chicago.  Don't hesitate to contact us for pricing/distribution questions.


Farm Raised

Fine Game Meats